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Welcome to Firewheel Power

Using the same energy provider as your parents?

For years, consumers have stayed with the same electricity or natural gas company because that's all they've known. But now, deregulation has opened up competition in several states across the country. If saving money is the name of the game, why stay with the same electricity or natural gas company just out of familiarity?

Reasons why consumers switch energy providers:

  • To Save Money!
  • Choice of Variable or Fixed rate
  • Customer incentives (loyalty discounts, gift cards, .etc)
  • Interest in Green Energy
  • Customer Service

Shopping for Energy is Easy!

We know your time is valuable and that shopping for energy rates can seem daunting. That's why we publish our rates right here, online, so that you can peruse the offerings at your convenience.

Commercial Services

Commercial facility owners and operators need plenty of electricity and natural gas resources to keep their operations running smoothly.

Industrial Services

A great electricity or natural gas rate not only keeps the production line moving, it can help improve the bottom-line.

How to Start

It's as simple as providing your zip code and then browsing the electricity and natural gas offers in your area.